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Pipe Trader USA - Offer #20358

Submitted 02/08/2021

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New Pipe

1500 ft 20" x.750 ERW X70 Bare Drls
2500 ft 26" x.750 ERW /SAW X60 Bare Drls
1500 ft 28" x.750 ERW X56 Bare Bev Drls
400 ft 30" x.375 ERW X56/X65 Bare Drls
400 ft 30" x 1.00 SAW X65 Bare Drls
200 ft 30" x 1.00 SAW X56 Mid Welds Bare Drls
200 ft 36" x.460 DSAW X70 Bare Drls
280 ft 42" x.874 DSAW X70 Bare Drls
60 ft 42" x 1.00 DSAW X65 FBE Drl/Srl

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