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Pipe Trader USA - Auction #21591

Submitted 11/01/2021

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Sealed Bid 211024
Keystone XL Surplus 36” Line Pipe

Sealed Bid Deadline 3:00 PM CT Tuesday, November 16th

Location: Hartley, SD

All pipe is barcoded and fully traceable - Full Line Item Inventory available - Cutting is permissible in the yard - Storage through October, 2022

36”, 0.465 WT, X70M, SPIRAL, WELSPUN, 1,854jts, Avg 74.0’/jt, 12,206.13 Tons
36”, 0.515 WT, X70M, SPIRAL, WELSPUN, 61jts, Avg 72.69’/jt, 433.09 Tons
36”, 0.572 WT, X70M, SPIRAL, WELSPUN, 113jts, Avg 76.10’/jt, 931.42 Tons
36”, 0.618 WT, X70M, SPIRAL, WELSPUN, 31jts, Avg75.09’/jt , 272.04 Tons
36”, 0.748 WT, X70M, SPIRAL, WELSPUN, 30jts, Avg 74.71’/jt, 315.87 Tons

Grand Total 14,158.57 Net Tons

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