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Pipe Trader USA - Auction #21306

Submitted 08/30/2021

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Pipe Market Sealed Bid 210824
EOG Resources Surplus

Sealed Bid Deadline 3:00 PM CT Tuesday, September 7th

Location: Artesia, NM
Loading: Seller loads at no charge
See website for complete detail

Used Sucker Rods 1.0", 1,116 Rods, Rack# I-11
Used Sucker Rods 1.0" w/ Guides, 10 Rods, Rack# G-11
Used Sinker Bars, 36 Bars, Rack# G-11

Used Sucker Rods 7/8", 1,814 Rods, Rack# I-15
Used Sucker Rods 7/8" w/ Guides, 231 Rods, Rack# I-10
Used Sucker Rods 1.0"x 7/8 Pin Drive, 319 Rods, Rack# G-12

Used Sucker Rods 3/4", 2,083 Rods, Rack# I-9
Used Sucker Rods 3/4" w/ Guides, 152 Rods, Rack# I-12
Used Sucker Rods 5/8", 963 Rods, Rack# I-14
Used Sucker Rods 5/8" w/ Guides, 111 Rods, Rack# I-13

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